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How's My Driving?

Tell me how I'm doing with this guy!

Anonymous is on.


Mar. 18th, 2016 01:33 am
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[Last edited October 6, 2012]

Name: Riku
Age: 19
Birthday: January 17th
Height: ~5'11"
Weight: 160-170 lbs

Physical Description: Generally looks like an older post-Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku. He has very light blue-green eyes and silver hair that just barely reaches his shoulders.

His clothing tastes are fairly plain.  He prefers sleeveless zip-up shirts and jeans baggy enough that you could almost fit two of him in, and sneakers.  Rarely he can be seen in plain t-shirts and more rarely in shorts. He has four major scars on his body, three of them obtained in the DR.  Two of them are on his shoulders--one on each shoulder--and look like claw marks.  The third one is located on his left arm, and looks like something tried to take a chunk out of his arm. Out of those three, that one is the most noticable, since it's hardly ever covered up by any of his shirts. The last one is on his hip, a mostly-healed gash obtained during his and Sora's fight against Xemnas. He does have others, but they're smaller and very faded.

Health issues:  His hip injury, which sometimes causes him enough pain that he develops a temporary limp. It's anyone's guess why he doesn't take any pain medication for it. He also has frequent nightmares and bouts of sleepwalking.

Weapon(s) of choice:  Way to the Dawn (primary), magic (secondary), Darkness.  He knows Cure magic and Fira, but that's all he's managed to learn so far and he doesn't rely on them so much.  He tries not to use Darkness unless absolutely necessary.


-This is the house he shares with [personal profile] darkyang and [personal profile] giveyoumy. Has 3 bedrooms as of...sometime in June 2012, I think.

-Has been canon-updated to the end of KH Dream Drop Distance. This probably doesn't matter a whole lot in the Dressing Room.
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Riku's replica, and near-constant source of annoyance. They have the ability to get along once in a while, and indeed they do, but mostly they hate one another and hate that they can't kill each other.


The only person Riku really considers a friend in the DR, and also one of the first people he met when he arrived. He likes to think of her as a sister rather than a female version of him, even if she doesn't think of him as a brother.


A girl Riku would probably have a better relationship with if Shiru weren't around. They get along well enough, though, when it's just them.


The first Axel Riku's met in the DR, and so far he has a mixed opinion of him. He's slightly wary of Axels in general, but this one hasn't done anything to make Riku dislike him personally.


Riku has an interesting relationship with this guy, probably because they met each other for the first time in Riku's bed. He finds this Riku a bit strange, and is still trying to figure out why he has the issues he does.


Someone he doesn't know that much about, and would like to see more often, because Riku likes Kairis of any sort.

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Posts started

3/15/11 - Riku first enters Dressing Room

3/26/11 - Aftermath of werewolf attack

3/31/11 - Reaction post for DR's new setting

4/14/11 - Random beach day

6/09/11 - Riku's return to the Dressing Room after a two-week absence

6/20/11 - Late night wanderings

9/05/11 - Riku and Shiru get into a fight, Kira intervenes

10/03/11 - Halloween costume :3

11/24/11 - Open post. Riku is burning a purple bonfire

12/10/11 - Full moon.

1/07/12 - Riku goes on a bacon binge the day before the full moon, meets Ninxel for the second time, gets lectured by Kira, and pisses off a Larxene

1/20/12 - Master/Servant Event

2/08/12 - Post full moon. Riku decides sleeping in the kitchen is a good idea

Posts joined

3/19/11 - First full moon after Riku's arrival

4/28/11 - Talky post

5/25/11 - Crossover event

7/8/11 - To Destiny Islands!

8/14/11 - Full moon

9/01/11 - Riku and Girlyku talk, Riku learns about Hachibi

9/22/11 - Orgy post

9/29/11 - Riku runs into another vampire; this time it's a Riku instead of a Sora

10/06/11 - Riku meets Red for technically the first time

10/23/11 - Riku discovers he really, really doesn't like high heels

10/30/11 - Halloween Party

11/07/11 - Keyblades make good ski poles apparently?

11/20/11 - Riku meets Slaveku for the first time outside of his bedroom

11/26/11 - Riku meets Kai and Ninxel for the first time

12/12/11 - Candyland Event; Riku looks terrible with green hair

12/16/11 - Watching Choirxas disappear and meeting Choirsora

12/21/11 - Global Orgasm Day

12/21/11 - Christmas Ball; Riku gets a terrible outfit (and gender change) for it

1/01/12 - DR change

1/08/12 - Full moon post. Riku meets Nami for the first time and Red for the second, gets a lecture from the latter

1/16/12 - Riku vs Blender, courtesy of Choirsora

1/19/12 - Master/Servant Event; Riku and Slaveku are forced to fight Girlyku and Axel

2/03/12 - Riku meets an AU Sora

2/03/12 - Riku and a deaged Girlyku chat in the simulation room

2/14/12 - Valentine's Day; Riku hangs out with a doppelganger he thinks is Girlyku because he's blind

2/29/12 - An incubus Riku appears.

3/17/12 - Derpthread between Riku and Girlyku, now with more pizza

4/01/12 - Dusks have gotten into everyone's underwear; Riku is attacked by a dildo-wielding one

4/03/12 - Tag ALL the incubi! Or something

4/13/12 - Riku runs into Girlyku wit her dog

4/20/12 - Tag all the incubi, yup yup


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